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Welcome to FRUK, the place for employers looking to recruit top quality employees within the financial sector. FRUK is a refreshing and dynamic recruitment consultancy, founded by a team of Directors with extensive experience in the legal and professional support fields. For more information visit MDH and First People Solutions Group.

No one realizes this more profoundly than does Bob Prechter. If anything, market analysis of IS the study of history: sentiment, price trends, bull and bear patterns, Fibonacci ratios (and more) all have a role in using the past to inform the present and future. Charts boil this history down to its essence and present it on a graph. In the hands of the right person charts tell a powerful story indeed. When Bob Prechter speaks in public, he literally shows his audience the facts before he explains what they mean....Read More

FRUK is your legal support recruitment specialist. Whether you're recruiting or seeking a career move, our approach ensures that you find the best match. Please feel free to browse our site, and don't hesitate to contact us. More information visit the Association of British Independent Chartered Accountants and Teacher Jobs.

How to See & Hear Bob Prechter on 'The Biggest Financial Crisis Ever' 2/15/2008 5:33:01 PM " I'm sure that some folks get through life just fine without knowing much about the who-where-when of history. Yet there is an activity in which the ignorance of history comes at a very high (and quite literal) cost: namely, the financial markets.

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